Get Away to Tune Your Way

Personalized program to take your creative venture to the next level

I've created this getaway for the kindred spirits out there on a mission. To take the much needed time to self-reflect and self-discover, to reconnect with your authentic self and to create that deeper alignment between who you are and what you do.


Branding: Develop Your Brand Strategy

Hands-on workshop to crystallize your next moves

Aching to tell a more compelling story about your business, product or personal brand? Can’t seem to attract the type of clients/work you’d love to have? Would like to refocus, expand or differentiate your service but feel boxed in? 

I invite you to roll up your sleeves, take the much needed time to reflect and self-discover while going together through a structured brand visioning process which will help you to crystallize your vision and your next moves. Gain clarity and focus to move forwards with a splash !


Brand Storytelling: How to Create a Story-Driven Content Marketing Plan

Best practices and trends in story-driven content marketing

Expand your horizons and ignite new ideas through this exploration of the successful & progressive brand storytelling examples in fashion, food, design/lifestyle and technology that pull people their way like a siren's call. 

We'll examine how these brands have orchestrated their story-driven content marketing efforts and deconstruct their ingredients of success. Gain a bird’s eye view into your brand within the global context. Start acting now for your brand’s tomorrow! 


User Experience Design Fundamentals

Best practices and trends in user experience design

What makes a digital experience engaging and memorable? What do people expect at every touchpoint with it? What makes people excited to take action, compelled to come back and spread the word? Which factors govern the conversion, adoption and retention rates?

During this workshop we will answer all these questions and explore how to design digital experiences in a systematic way with a dash of seduction, making people fall in love with your service and stick around.


Want to book a workshop?

I can deliver these workshops in person or online, for you individually, your team or your community.