Brand Experience Design Workshop

How to create a success-driven digital experience that pulls your people your way like a siren’s call

What makes a digital experience engaging and memorable? What do people expect at every touchpoint with it? What makes people excited to take action, compelled to come back and spread the word? Which factors govern the conversion, adoption and retention rates?

During this workshop we will answer all these questions and learn how to design digital experiences in a systematic way so people keep coming back for more.


Brand Strategy Workshop

How to position your brand as a leader, package it authentically and attract your crowd.

Aching to tell a more compelling story about your business, product, or personal brand? Can’t seem to attract the type of clients you’d love to work with? Want to refocus or diversify but feel boxed in? If yes, then this workshop may be the next best thing you do for your business or personal brand.


Brand Content Workshop

How to create a story-driven content marketing plan

During this workshop we'll explore successful story-driven content marketing strategies deployed by progressive brands in the travel, fashion, food, design/lifestyle, and technology sectors. We will examine how these strategies were orchestrated and deconstruct their ingredients of success.


Interested to book a workshop?

I can deliver these workshops in person or online, for you individually, your team or your community.