The Brand Strategy Kit

Struggling to narrow in on your brand’s vision? Need clarity and momentum to take your brand to the next level of success? This Brand Strategy Kit has all you need to make your next successful move towards your dream count.


I’ve created this kit for the fellow entrepreneurs and creators out there who have a dream and a burning desire to make it happen. Who think big, strive for creative freedom and the joy that comes with it, and want to make an impact while doing it their way.

This Kit will take you through the inside-out branding process which I call - branding the authentic way. You’ll cut through the clutter of all ideas flying around, get to the essence of it all and create yourself a solid foundation for developing an authentic brand that’s true to you, sends the right message to the world and attracts your dream clients your way like a siren’s call.


Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are you launching a new product or service? Need a way to present it to the world so it resonates with your target audience and makes them excited to buy from you?

  • Do you want to level up your existing brand? Establish it as a leader in your niche while doing it with conviction and style?

  • Do you want to level up your existing creative business? Do you need to take some time to self-reflect and self-discover? Distill all your ideas into their essence, narrow in on your vision and set the right foundation for making the next move?

  • Do you want to establish a new branding process or refine an existing one within your design business?

  • Do you want to go solo, march from an existing limiting job into a freedom-based lifestyle driven by your own interests?


If you’ve answered YES to any of the above,
then this Brand Strategy Kit is for you!


What does this Kit include?

Everything you need to get started is inside. Here’s what you’ll find:

The Branding Workbook
The A2 Brand Canvas Template
15 Tone of Voice Cards
40 Brand Personality Cards
200 Style Cards categorized into 10 styles
The Brand Cards Box


The Branding Workbook
Crystallize it all.

This workbook will take you through a structured inside-out branding process, help you uncover your whys, your authentic points, define your dream clients, your positioning statement and the design direction for your brand.


The Brand Canvas
Visualize it all.

At the end of the process, you’ll have created a Brand Canvas that clearly lays your vision in front of you. You’ll experience that “aha” moment, which will provide the foundation, clarity and a new dose of inspiration to turn this into a proper brand.


15 Tone of Voice Cards
Find your voice.

Sculpt your brand’s tone of voice through 15 examples designed to help you shape your brand’s personality and speak to your audience. Each card’s verso contains an explanation and real-life examples. Now it’s your turn to find what resonates with you!


40 Brand Personality Cards
Take a stand.

Your brand isn’t just a product or a service, it’s also a story of who you are and why you are. The pillars of every brand story are the principles that define a brand’s personality. These 40 hand-picked personality cards will help you define your brand’s core principles.


Enough Space for Your Own Cards
Fill in the box with your best work.

The premium version of the Brand Cards will be coming out with a nicely designed box. It will have enough of space for you to add your own cards and customize the box on your own. Have fun with this!


200 Style Cards
Shine Brighter.


We’ve curated the best in design work from around the world and organized it into 10 different styles. Using these style cards, you’ll be able to discover the trending design work, save lots of web research time, and have a solid base to create a mood board that visually communicates the design direction for a brand you are creating.


Here is what you can do! Check out these mood board examples.


Why this Kit?

Everything is in One Place

Everything that you need to get started with your branding is here in one place. Ready to roll provided you get this on board! Save research time and dive in instantly!


Structure + Guidance

I’ve created this Kit for a creator, for an entrepreneur who knows what he wants but understands that the end result is not within our control. The process of creation is fluid, never fixed and our course will have to be adjusted as time and circumstances change. But we need to start somewhere. We need a structure, some guidance, and clarity. This creates a momentum that pushes us forwards to make that next move. This is exactly the mission of this Kit. I hope it will serve you well!


It's Based on Real Experience

I’ve personally went through 8 big transitions with my business. My inner drive for new opportunities has taken me to work in 7 amazing world-class cities such as NYC, London, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Casablanca, Barcelona, and Beirut. Every move was a step into unknown, required to overcome fear and uncertainty, reposition my business in a way that makes sense for a local market. It was hard, but I’ve successfully swam out of these moves with new clients, more strength, confidence, and a more diversified business. This Kit is based on this experience. Life’s too short - shoot for your dreams!


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