The Brand Strategy Kit

Brand briefs can be tedious. Most times, they are full of paradoxes, clichés and overall vagueness. The Brand Strategy Kit will help you reach that blissful moment of clarity with your client faster and ensure smooth sailing for any branding project.


Hi, I’m Egle Karalyte (call me EK), a results-driven brand strategist and experience designer.

I’ve created this Kit for the fellow brand strategists and designers who have a burning desire to level up their practice, serve world-class clients and catch the next wave of success.


How does it work?


This Kit will take you through the inside-out brand strategy process. You’ll cut through the clutter of all floating ideas, get to the essence of it all and create a solid foundation for packaging a product or service into an authentic brand that drives action and excites people to come back for more.

The Brand Strategy Kit saves both designers and strategists time as well as head-scratching troubles by making options tangible and concrete. Whereas Behance, Pinterest and other tools to put together a mood board feed you an endless scroll of possibilities, this toolkit jump-starts you in the right direction faster by narrowing down your scope.

It ensures smooth sailing for any branding project, making any branding decisions easier to follow for everyone involved.


What’s included in the Kit?

In the box, you’ll find six buoys to keep you afloat.

The Branding Workbook
The A2 Brand Canvas Template
20 Tone of Voice Cards
52 Brand Personality Cards
200 Style Cards categorized into 10 styles
The Brand Cards Box


The Branding Workbook
Crystallize it all.

This workbook will take you through a structured inside-out branding process, help you uncover your whys, your authentic points, define your dream clients, your positioning statement and the design direction for your brand.


The Brand Canvas
Visualize it all.

At the end of the process, you’ll have created a Brand Canvas that clearly lays your vision in front of you. You’ll experience that “aha” moment, which will provide the foundation, clarity and a new dose of inspiration to turn this into a proper brand.


20 Tone of Voice Cards
Find your voice.

Sculpt your brand’s tone of voice through 15 examples designed to help you shape your brand’s personality and speak to your audience. Each card’s verso contains an explanation and real-life examples. Now it’s your turn to find what resonates with you!


52 Brand Personality Cards
Take a stand.

Your brand isn’t just a product or a service, it’s also a story of who you are and why you are. The pillars of every brand story are the principles that define a brand’s personality. These 40 hand-picked personality cards will help you define your brand’s core principles.


The Brand Cards Box.
Keep it all in one place.

You’ll find all the cards organized by type and separated by the tabs in one nice box. Keep it all together and have fun with this!


200 Style Cards
Shine Brighter.


We’ve curated the best in design work from around the world and organized it into 10 different styles. Using these style cards, you’ll be able to discover the trending design work, save lots of web research time, and have a solid base to create a mood board that visually communicates the design direction for a brand you are creating.

Shoot for the stars and let this Kit be an additional pair of wings for your successful flight!
— e.k.

Who is this Kit for? Why do you need it?

  • Are you a designer or a brand strategist? Do you need a tool to facilitate the brand strategy sessions in a successful and fun way?

  • Are you launching a new brand or upleveling an existing one? Do you need a tool to help you define your brand, visualize your target audience and prioritize your goals?

  • Are you craving to go solo from your existing job and need a solid action plan for making your next move?

  • Do you want to diversify your creative business but can’t find a way to unify its components under one umbrella in a way that makes sense?

If YES, the Brand Strategy Kit will help you.


Here is what you can do! Check out these mood board examples.


Why choose this Kit?

It's Based on Real Experience

I’ve been managing branding and digital projects for more than a decade now in NYC, London, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Casablanca, Barcelona, and Beirut. I know what works and what doesn’t. This Kit is my way to share this experience with you.


Everything is in One Place

Everything that you need to get started with your branding is here in one place. Ready to roll provided you get this on board. Save the research time and dive in right away.


Structure + Guidance

I’ve designed this Kit in a way that gives you all the tools and prompts you need to facilitate the brand strategy mission in a structured, successful and fun way. Using this Kit, you’ll be on your way to do a successful branding job.


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