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The world is our canvas.
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- e.k.-


Many designers, copywriters, strategists and other creatives out there are not doing the best of their work because of weak personal branding that doesn’t resonate with their dream clients, or a scattered internal process that doesn’t empower them to go for their dreams.

This leads to feeling cornered-in, disempowered, and stuck in one’s comfort zone with an unfulfilled desire that keeps coming back in. It isn’t fun, is it?

Sounds like you? I’ve been there too!

What you are looking for is not within your comfort zone. It’s out there in yet unfamiliar waters of the unknown. If you really want it, you need to level up and step out into new surf.


Hi, I’m Egle Karalyte (call me EK). I’m a Brand Strategist and founder of a brand agency Taika Ström. For the last 15 years, I’ve been catching waves of creativity with the other makers out there on almost every continent. Together with my team, I’ve helped to launch and level up very diverse brands: the global players, the dreamers, the industry conquerors, the life-stylers, the hobbyists, and even the confused ones.

I ended up living 7 different lives in the world’s most inspiring cities such as NYC, London, Paris, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, Casablanca, and Beirut. This led me to master strategic brand experience design for brands who make waves world-wide.  

It took me quite some time to find my groove. In fact, just like the real surfers out there, I’m always in the lineup to catch the next wave of creativity. Only a few years ago, I used to dream of leveling up my practice so we could serve clients who make an impact world-wide and aren’t afraid to do it authentically. I used to dream of restructuring my team so I could focus more on brand strategy, teaching and writing.

Fast forward to now - I’m doing this! I’ve successfully transformed my business from digital design to brand experience design. We now help a handful of world-class clients to put themselves on the global map and make some big waves world-wide.


Do you have similar dreams? Ready to level up to a master Brand Strategist? Become a trusted partner for the world-class clients? Restructure your business so it enables you to play on your strengths and do the work you’d love to do next?

If yes, welcome to the family! We’re in for the same surf.

Wetsuit is not required, but we need some good prep work and equipment to prime ourselves for success.


So let’s get started. Sign up below to receive 3 videos which I’m about to release this Spring. I’ll share with you the 3 steps you need to take in order to level up and step into new surf.


See you at the waters!


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