I. Uncover Your Authenticity / Solidify Your Foundation / Tune into Your Flow

Brand Visioning + Coaching

Create an empowering alignment between who you are, what you love, what the world needs, what the trends are, what you can be paid for, and how you run your business. Uncover your authentic qualities, solidify your foundation, identify areas for growth and differentiation. Crystallize your next moves.


II. Articulate Your Authenticity / Define Your Voice

Brand Strategy + Story Development

Consolidate it all into a strategic plan for your next step. Articulate your brand's mission, positioning, brand architecture, target audience, and brand statement. Learn how to carry this out in a way that reflects your brand's authentic qualities, shares your point of view, and resonates with your audience.


III. Express Your Authenticity / Give It A Form

Brand Identity + Content Marketing Strategy + Content + Website

Together with my trusted team, Taika Ström, we can co-create with you the tools you need to express your authenticity and engage with your audience.

We can help you design your brand's identity, storytelling plan, content, and website while weaving all this together into an experience that reflects your brand's authenticity.


IV. Celebrate Your Authenticity / Attract & Engage Your People

Brand Content + Creative Campaigns

Create authentic story-driven content and campaigns that strike your chord, resonates with your audience and pull it your way like a siren's call. I can help you to come up with good ideas, engage the right talent to produce the content and the right partners to amplify its reach. 


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