Tuning into Your Groove

workshop + Q&A on how to align what you do with who you are in order to take your venture to the next level with a splash


“Achievement is not a problem. Alignment is.”
- Brendon Burchard


Whether you are developing a brand, working on a personal creative project, evolving your creative career or redesigning your life, we all sometimes reach a crossroad, a complete mist, or end up getting stuck in the same old roundabout.

We feel uninspired, scattered and restless. As if we disconnected from our center of gravity which gives the energy to bloom at our best. It all feels heavy and draining. We can't stick to the goals we set or achieving these goals is no longer satisfying.

We deeply crave for a change, fresh waters and new horizons. But we can't clearly see how to get out of this mist into the fresh waters. 

I know how these states feel like as I've lived in 7 cities (NYC, London, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona, Casablanca and Beirut). Each move was a step into an unknown catching a new wave of inspiration. Transitions were hard but they always expanded my horizons by shattering the old limitations and attachments.

During this workshop I will share with you the lessons I've learnt over the last 14 years of my successful international career. In particular, I will share with you:

  • how to hear your true desires, embrace the unknown and tune into your authentic groove.
  • how to align your venture or creative practise with your authentic groove.
  • how to get out of your own way and let life put things in place for you.
  • how to stay focused while embracing what life is bringing you, incorporating that smoothly into what you do and creating win-win collaborations with the others. 

Join me and let's take this much needed time to exchange, ask questions, self-reflect and get inspired. So that at the end, you could fly away with fresh ideas and new energy to expand your own horizons! 


    Is this for me?

    Here are the challenges I've overcame myself and helped my clients to do the same. See if you can connect with any of the questions below. If yes, this workshops can help you.

    • Do you feel stuck in the same old dull roundabout deeply craving for a change but unable to make that change?

    • Do you crave for more authentic ways to express yourself or evolve your brand but can't find a way to do that?

    • Do you have lots of ideas for what you'd like to do but can't seem to narrow in, pick the one you'd like to focus on, stick to it, and make it happen? You get those bursts of "oh yes, I’ll do it" but it never comes to life in a sustainable and fulfilling way...

    • Do you have a scattered or incomplete vision for your venture, personal project, or creative career? Does it feel not quite right? Like something is missing but you can't put your finger on what that is.

    • Are you already good and successful at what you do, but something just doesn't feel right? You'd like to harmonize and align better with what you do and how you run your venture or manage your career.  So it empowers you to do what you are best at and be who you really are instead of always satisfying everyone else's desires and expectations.

    • Do you struggle attracting your dream clients or projects?

    • Would you like to transition from having a job into being a freelancer or from being a freelancer into having your own "dream team"? Would you like guidance and support from someone who has been there and done that successfully?

    • Would you like to meet the like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs who are creating an authentic and fulfilling life?