Colorful & Bright

Intense and upbeat, Colorful & Bright sets a tone of playfulness and creativity. Thanks to a clear, tropical color palette and clean lines, this design style conveys a vibrant and contemporary spirit. The image is straightforward, but an underlying wittiness keeps it fresh and youthful.

We’ve also created the curated print version of the Style Pages. It’s called the Brand Cards. Have a look!

We’ve also created the curated print version of the Style Pages. It’s called the Brand Cards. Have a look!


Context & Inspiration

Colorful & Bright can reference elements from animation (flat shapes in singular colors and absence of detail), but it’s smartly whimsical, not cartoonish. This design style can have a retro 80s New Wave vibe thanks to single-color geometric shapes dancing in jaunty patterns. 

Sometimes Colorful & Bright uses an open-grid structure with “floating” objects, reminiscent of the ground-breaking Spanish artist Joan Miro. If you’re lying in the sun on a plastic pink flamingo raft in a sky-blue pool in Miami while sipping a lime daiquiri, you’re in the midst of the Colorful & Bright design style.


Style Characteristics


  • Lighter, clear, vivid colors - can be a minimal palette with complementary colors or other unique combinations.

  • Candy colors - lilac, pineapple yellow, mint green, sky or royal blue, raspberry, coral.

  • Limited use of black - a small accent creates big impact due to contrast with bright colors.

  • Clean, graphic lines.

  • Simplified and often flat shapes - geometric, silhouette, open/negative space.

  • Bold, clean, rounded fonts that are friendly (not aggressive).



  • Impressionistic, sculptural 

  • Dark and moody

  • Rustic, rough, textural

  • Serious, somber, messy.


Embodies these Personality Traits

  • Friendly

  • Funny

  • Playful or Whimsical

  • Relaxed

  • Social

  • Witty


Brand Personality Cards

For more ideas on the personality traits, check out our brand cards. They contain 52 ideas to get inspired by for your branding project.


Good for Branding

  • Food & Beverage - especially playful or whimsical “kids’ food for adults” like popsicles 

  • Tweens Clothing and Accessories

  • Creative Tech Companies

  • Educational Services

  • Publications - especially Stationary & Datebooks

  • Travel & Lifestyles.


Meet the Colorful & Bright Creatives

Meet the designers and artists featured in the Colorful & Bright style of our brand cards. Let’s catch a dash of inspiration together!


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Would you like a printed version of our style pages?

We’ve curated 200 design works into 10 styles and included them into the Brand Cards. Catch this visual brainstorming tool and use it to jump-start your next branding project!