Saladi's Drawing I

Saladi's Drawing I

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Abbès Saladi is one of the most original and imaginative Moroccan painters. I discovered these drawings by accident in one of the antique shops in Marrakesh, enveloped within a thin drawing notebook. They are truly a rare find as it is hard to get hold of Saladi’s work these days (especially his drawings). I’m happy to share them with you here.

For me, this drawing depicts the imaginary, mystical, and intimate world of a queen goddess.

Abbès Saladi was born in 1950 in Marrakesh and studied Philosophy in Rabat. Since his health was very weak, he had to leave his studies and come back home. There, he focused on painting and his mother used to sell his work in the busiest square in Marrakesh called Jamaâ el Fna.

He was surely a daring artist as for a Moroccan to paint nudes was (and still is) an act of breaking the society's status quo. 

The director of the American Language Center in Marrakesh discovered his work in 1978 and organized his first exhibition. Since then, he exhibited his work in Morocco and France. Saladi died in 1992 leaving a vast collection of paintings and some drawings.


Dimensions: 24 x 29 cm (9.5 x 11.4 inches).

Framing: the drawing comes unframed but, if you'd like, we can custom frame it for you for an additional fee.

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