Brand Strategy Workshop

How to position your brand as a leader, package it authentically and attract your crowd.


Aching to tell a more compelling story about your business, product, or personal brand? Can’t seem to attract the type of clients you’d love to work with? Want to refocus or diversify but feel boxed in? If yes, then this workshop may be the next best thing you do for your business or personal brand.

I invite you to roll up your sleeves and take the much needed time to self-reflect and self-discover. During this workshop, we’ll go through a structured brand story development process that will help you delve deeper into yourself and uncover the genuine, authentic voice of your brand.

Together we'll clarify where the love is and what your brand stands for. Then we'll crystallize a solid positioning that reflects your vision, values, purpose and style.

We’ll cut out any detours, pull you from indecision, and provide clarity, confidence, and actionable ideas you need to quickly solve your most pressing “Who am I? Who are we?” challenges.

At the of this workshop, you’ll have created a Brand Story Framework which encapsulates the essence and the foundational elements of your brand. This framework will serve you as the center of gravity for your communications, as a brief for your designer, copywriter, and other collaborators. 

You'll resurface the workshop with clarity and fresh perspective ready for the new beginnings!


What's on the agenda?

This is a hands-on workshop during which we will:

  1. Identify your brand’s authentic points.

  2. Define your brand’s characteristics.

  3. Visualize and articulate your dream customer(s).

  4. Articulate your brand’s mission.

  5. Articulate your brand's core message.

  6. Draft your brand statement that encapsulates the essence of your brand.

  7. Define your brand's design direction.

  8. Define your "format of shine" to attract your audience.


What others say...

From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable and relaxed. I settled into Taika Ström's calm and peaceful energy. It was so perfect for the fun exercises we did! All of the noise in my head quieted down and I could hear and express every thought clearly. The exchange we had was free flowing and seamless but most importantly directed towards an ultimate goal. Connecting all of the dots and making a beautiful pattern with all of the ideas, then leaving with a clear mission, personality and brand description after 3 hours is a sublime achievement. Thank you for being such a cool wizard of ways and unveiling the beauty and success in my dream. I highly recommend this to anyone but especially to goal oriented people with a passion and business potential to do something new. - Sara Cera Bee, Beirut


Interested to book this workshop?

I can deliver this workshop in person or online. It can be for you individually or your team of up to 12 people.