Brand Storytelling:
How to Create a Story-Driven Content Marketing Plan

Best practices and trends in story-driven content marketing


Expand your horizons and ignite new ideas through this exploration of the most successful and progressive story-driven content marketing campaigns. We’ll look at examples from the fashion, food, design/lifestyle, and technology sectors to see how these businesses are effectively pulling people their way. 

We'll examine how these brands have orchestrated their digital storytelling efforts and then deconstruct their ingredients for success:

  • Which channels and content formats do they use? How and why?
  • How do they amplify their stories?
  • What can we learn from them and how can we create a successful digital storytelling plan for your brand?

Our focus will be on brands from various corners of the world that have a global reach and an authentic voice. These are the game changers who aren't afraid to take a stand, stay fresh, and lead the way in their industry or niche.

Understand what people want, expect and respond to. Gain a bird’s eye view into your brand within the global context. Start acting now for your brand’s tomorrow! 


What's on the agenda?

  1. What is story-driven content marketing? 
  2. Types and formats of the stories.
  3. What digital content can do for your brand.
  4. Content marketing and search engines (SEO).
  5. Successful and progressive storytelling examples in food, fashion, lifestyle, and technology.
  6. 10 steps to orchestrate a successful story-driven content marketing plan.

What's the format?

For best results, I do this workshop in two parts:

  1. Presentation on the best practices in branding and story-driven content marketing. This will help you widen your horizons and catch some inspiration!
  2. Individual coaching for you or your team. Here we tackle together your most pressing challenges in branding and content marketing.

Interested to book this workshop?

I can deliver this workshop in person or online. It can be for you individually, your team, or your community.