Brand Experience Transformation Program

Ready to level up your brand’s experience across all the touch-points and take your business to the next level of success? This program has got you covered.

Fall: October 28, 2019.
Winter: February 10, 2020.

If you seek to ride a wave, you have to work with it to let it carry you. If you resist or try to control too much, it will thrash you.
— On Surfing,

You are ambitious. You’ve been steadily growing your business, your team or creative practice for quite some time now. There’s a solid foundation in place that you are very proud of. The core elements are there, the unknown is behind.

You are getting ready to catch an even higher wave of your success this time. A wave that you’ve been preparing to get for a very long time. It’s the biggest one so far. A much more solid one, a much more profitable one, a much more adventurous one! It’s the top.

What you need now: very good prep work, solid support and experienced strategic guidance to help you navigate the waters ahead.

Does this sound like you?

Welcome! This program is for you.


Hello! I’m Egle Karalyte, a results-driven brand strategist and brand experience designer. For the last 15 years, I’ve been catching waves of creativity with other makers out there on almost every continent.

Together with my team, I’ve helped to launch and level up very diverse brands: the global players, the dreamers, the industry conquerors, the life-stylers, the hobbyists, and even the confused ones.

We’ve worked with Cooper/Designit, Fotolia/Adobe, Google Campus London, Paris Telecom Incubator, MTV Lebanon, The New School, etc.

This has led me to live 7 different lives in the world’s most inspiring cities such as NYC, London, Paris, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, Casablanca, and Beirut.

Along this way, I’ve been mastering brand experience design for brands that make waves world-wide yet live in different cultural contexts.


Who is this program for?

This program is for the ambitious leaders who are ready to take their team, business or creative practice to the next level of success.

You already have clarity about what you want to achieve and have identified tangible goals to accomplish. What you need now is support and structured guidance to narrow in on your vision fully, clarify the nitty-gritty, define the next steps for moving forwards, and engage your team to make this happen. The Brand Experience Transformation Program will get you there.

This program is especially good for:


Design and marketing teams who want to:

  • become more strategically aligned with the goals of their organization,

  • streamline and transform their process to become world-class,

  • propel their organization in a more powerful way.

Design / creative studios and marketing agencies who want to:

  • become more strategic in the way they serve their clients,

  • level up their reputation in the space,

  • streamline and transform their marketing to become world-class and attract ideal clients.

Independent professionals and aspiring brand strategists who want to:

  • level up their personal brand in the space,

  • expand their reach,

  • streamline their processes to attract and serve their ideal world-class clients.


How does it work?

This online mentorship program will enable you to cut through the noise of your daily work and re-evaluate it all. It will inspire you to think big and activate the dreams you left dusting on the shelf. You’ll meet like-minded people and gain the structure and support you make your next move with a splash.

I’ve designed this program based on my workshops that I’ve done in various places around the world: Paris Telecom Tech incubator, Google Campus in London, Technopark Casablanca, Startup Chile, Beirut Digital District, and Agrytech Lebanon. The material is applicable to all contexts, cultures, business types, and team sizes.


What’s the format like?

This program is structured around 4 modules:

  1. The Brand Experience Design Masterclass

  2. Clarity, Alignment and Focus

  3. Making it Happen

  4. The Master Brand Strategist Certificate

It’s is a nice mix of online live classes, live Q&As, live group discussions on Zoom in a small hand-picked group of the like-minded worldwide. My personal attention is guaranteed.

Cherry on top: the program ends up with a retreat. Yey!

Here are the details for each module, including everything you’ll receive:


1. The Brand Experience Design Masterclass
October 28 - November 29
(5 weeks)

First enrollment ends on October 25th.


In this first Module we’ll dive into the foundational concepts of brand experience design so you are fully in tune with the ingredients needed for success. In particular, we’ll cover:

  • What is Brand Experience Design? Purpose, KPIs, ROI.

  • The Brand Experience Design Framework - the foundation for change across the whole organization.

  • What is Brand Strategy? Purpose and KPIs.

  • What is Brand Content? Purpose and KPIs.

  • Brand Strategist as the Change Agent. Role and Needed Qualities.


What’s included?

  • 1x /week group class on Zoom (Tuesdays at noon NYC time).

  • 1x /week group Q&A on Zoom (Thursdays at noon NYC time).

  • Recordings of all sessions.

  • Lifetime access to a dedicated Level 1 Slack channel for any questions and support.


2. Clarity, Alignment and Focus
December 2-20
(3 weeks)

During this phase we’ll crystallize all the nitty-gritty details for your move ahead, then work on aligning your team with what needs to be accomplished, and then laser-focus on the journey ahead.

We’ll be using these tools along this way:

  • The Brand Experience Design Framework

  • The Brand Strategy Kit (you’ll receive it as a gift!)

  • The Brand Content Kit

  • The Roadmap

Achievement is not a problem. Alignment is.
- Brendon Burchard.


What’s included?

  • 2 group coaching calls per week on Zoom (Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon NYC time).

  • Recordings of all sessions.

  • Final group presentation and feedback.

  • The Brand Strategy Kit.

  • Lifetime access to a dedicated Level 2 Slack channel for any questions and support.


3. Making It Happen


Once the time for action comes, I’ll provide the needed support and guidance to help you navigate the waters ahead.

You’ll also get access to my trusted network of marketing, design, copywriting and technical experts who will help you with any hands-on work you need.

You’ll be in good hands.


4. The Master Brand Strategist Certificate

A Brand Strategist is a brand’s growth-advocate, the connector of the missing dots, an additional force that propels an organization to move forwards.

If you’d like to master the skills of a good brand strategist so you could better serve your clients or you’d like to train someone from your team to step into this strategic leadership role, this module will help.

We’ll cover these topics:

  • Tuning into your strengths.

  • Aligning with the goals of the organization.

  • Personalizing the Brand Experience Design Framework.

  • Systemizing your process.

  • Leading through change.

  • Grooving the market while staying true to yourself.

A certificate will be issued to those who complete all 4-modules. This certificate will make you a member of our closely-knit family of certified Brand Strategists whom we support and bring commissioned work. ❤️


What’s the investment?

Here are the fees for the online mentorship program. There’s possibility to pay in installments. 👉 If you’d like to have this program organized just for your team, please enquire for more information.


Module 1:

  • $2300 early bird (until October 16)

  • $2600

Module 2:

  • $2000

Module 1 + Module 2:

  • $4000 early bird (until October 16)

  • $4200 standard


I’m interested! What’s next?

Glad to hear that! Since this collaboration is a very dedicated commitment for all of us, please book a call with our Program’s Director Haley Hougaard first to make sure this would be the right fit.

If it is, we’ll catch your wave together and create some magic along the way!

Haley Hougaard, Program Director

Haley Hougaard, Program Director

Haley Hougaard has been a Digital Brand Strategist for eight years, helping her clients get laser-focused on who they are and how to captivate their audience both on and offline. She’s worked with well-known fashion retailers, multi-million subscriber Youtube channels, and Tech start-ups.

She is enthusiastic about helping creative professionals level up their understanding of how to craft an effective Brand Strategy, not only for their clients but also for themselves.

As Karalyte’s Program Director, she is your biggest advocate and cheerleader!

The world is our canvas. Let’s unfold your brand!
— e.k.