The Brand Experience Design Fundamentals

Best practice & trends in digital experience design


What makes a digital experience engaging and memorable? What do people expect at every touchpoint with a website or digital service? What makes them excited to take action, compelled to come back, and eager to spread the word? Which factors govern the conversion, adoption, and retention rates of a website or digital service?

During this workshop we will answer all these questions and learn how to design engaging digital experiences in a systematic way so people keep coming back for more. 


What's on the Agenda?

You'll learn how to:

  • make people take action for the first time

  • on-board them in a welcoming way

  • make them come back for more

  • earn their loyalty and make them stay to the max

  • inspire them to spread the word

  • enrich your digital experience design process with useful tools

With all of this in place, your conversion, adoption, and retention rates will become solid and sound!


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What's the format?

For best results, I do this workshop in two parts:

  1. A presentation on the best digital experience design practices and trends. This helps to widen your horizons so you can catch some inspiration!

  2. Individual coaching for you or your team. Here we will tackle together your most pressing digital experience design challenges. If this workshop is for your community (not a team), we can use a case study that everyone could relate to.


Interested to book this workshop?

I can deliver this workshop in person or online. It can be for you individually, your team or your community.