Brand Content Workshop

How to Create a Story-Driven Content Marketing Plan


During this workshop we'll explore successful story-driven content marketing strategies deployed by authentic and forward-thinking brands in the travel, fashion, food, design/lifestyle and technology sectors. 

We'll examine how these strategies were orchestrated and deconstruct their ingredients of success.

After this workshop, you'll understand how content marketing works and will be equipped with the knowledge to create your own content marketing plan and pull your audience your way like a siren's call.


What's on the agenda?

  1. What is story-driven content marketing?

  2. Content marketing and the search engines (SEO).

  3. What is an authentic brand story?

  4. Elements of brand story development.

  5. What makes the content go viral?

  6. Successful and progressive storytelling examples in food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and technology.

  7. 10 steps to orchestrate a successful story-driven content marketing plan.


What's the format?

For best results, I do this workshop in two parts:

  1. Presentation on the best practices story-driven content marketing. This will help you widen your horizons and catch some inspiration!

  2. Individual coaching for you or your team. Here we tackle together your most pressing challenges in content marketing.


Interested to book this workshop?

I can deliver this workshop in person or online. It can be for you individually, your team, or your community.