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Typewriter Ads from the 50s

Typewriter Ads from the 50s

This time I got carried away by a few typewriter ads I found from the 50s. Very interesting to see how alike and yet different these ads are based on which country they come from (or for which audience they were designed...).. Style, colors, aesthetics, selected objects...

Which is your favorite?



From the left clock-wise:

  1. 60s ad for the Monroe typewriter - USA (Pink Ponk / Flickr)

  2. 50s ad for the Underwood typewriter - USA (Freerepublic)

  3. 50s ad for the Burroughs Sensimatic Accounting Machine - USA (Vintage Ad Browser)

  4. 50s-ad for Remington typewriter - France (April-mo / Flickr)

  5. 50s ad for the Olivetti typewriter - Italy by Pintori, Giovanni (V&A Collections)

  6. 50s ad "Progress of technique - Hermes is keeping up the pace!" for the Hermes typewriter - Germany (Sommeregger's Sammelsurium)

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