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Stylish Ventures Online

Stylish Ventures Online

In this world wide web of ideas and ventures, one can find a few that are a fruition of the style admiration and entrepreneurship. I really like this kind of combination and here are some of our favorite stylish ventures online. If you are on the journey of developing such a venture, I hope they will give some inspiration…

A Suit That Fits

The first time I met these guys was a few years back in London, when they were just launching. Great progress in so little time!

  • Idea: an online tailor. A hybrid between the “online” and “offline” with the primary online base. One can order a custom tailored suit online (style, dimensions, fabric). If you don’t know your measurements, you can book an appointment with a tailor. Once the suit is manufactured, you have another measurement session, and then you get the suit delivered to your door.

  • Business model: e-commerce.

  • Complexity: technology-wise – simple. most time consuming is probably content development (styles, fabrics) and organizing the supply-chain.

  • Web 2.0 principles applied: community (style advisors), suit reviews connected with social media.

Style By Me

  • Idea: amazingly simple – allow people to upload the photos of their personal style and thus as a website serve as a tool to spot the local styles and trends.

  • Business model: advertising

  • Complexity: easy to implement, quick entry to market.

  • Web 2.0 principles applied: crowdsourcing. People create the content. The website facilitates the content uploading.


  • Idea: facilitate the purchase of the clothes. Add an extra curational layer to the clothes buying process. Allow people to create style looks while integrating the products from the database. These looks, created by the people, serve as the entry point into the website. The customers are inspired to play this game, thus spend more time, thus increasingly want to buy the products.

  • Business model: commission-based and/or product listing fees.

  • Complexity: complex. need investment to get this off the ground.

  • Web 2.0 principles applied: crowdsourcing, one can integrate the looks into the blog (great for viral marketing).

.net magazine awarded the InfinVision website to be the CMS site of the month

.net magazine awarded the InfinVision website to be the CMS site of the month

Miwa Matreyek

Miwa Matreyek