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Magazines on iPAD

Magazines on iPAD

Some interesting experiments with iPAD as a platform for digital magazines…


An interactive and social media optimized iPAD magazines – Flipboard.

Time Magazine iPad App

iPAD Magazine Fashion Story

Some interesting ideas on how iPAD is gearing the magazine publishing industry…

Publishers should not rest on the assumption that readers want to be merely readers,” said Jeff Jarvis, highly respected media thinker, journalism professor and author of What Would Google Do? who spent ten years as president and creative director of Advance.net, the online arm of Advance Publications, which owns Condé Nast. “They have proven a will to create and share,” he continued. “What makes the tablet special is that one can interact with content and with fellow readers — just presenting content is lazy.

But there are signs that change is afoot, and magazine companies are beginning to think more creatively about how to use the iPad. “I believe there will be a strong market for these magazine ‘replicas,’ which will be a tablet version of the print product with added interactive features, like video,” said Mr. Newhouse. “But at the same time, publishers will produce a lot of completely new branded products for iPads, along with other tablet devices and smartphones.”

The iPad magazines of the future may look at lot less like the print-centric products we’re used to seeing and more like branded services that let users not just read about, but actively experience a stylistic point of view. Could a location-aware W app offer curated recommendations on nearby fashion and art? What might a Vogue shopping service look like? The possibilities are endless. But to seize this future, publishers will need to innovate in ways that may not be easy to accomplish from within.”

Source: Fashion 2.0 | The Trouble with iPAD Magazines.

"The frog who wanted to be as big as the ox" - interactive art book for iPAD

"The frog who wanted to be as big as the ox" - interactive art book for iPAD

Alain Delorme's photographic series "Totem"

Alain Delorme's photographic series "Totem"