“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

- Joseph Campbell

Lauranie, founder of the Esprit Chocolat

Lauranie, founder of the Esprit Chocolat

As most of you already know, we’ve decided to spice up our Paris eLounge get-togethers a little bit. After three years, one definitely is ready for some change :).

François and I, we’ve been thinking about the best direction into which the events could grow for a long time. Change for the sake of change is rarely rewarding. That's why we really wanted our next steps to be based on the mission worth pursuing...

What could be a better way to enhance the events than by shining the light onto the people who already attend and follow them? What could be better than giving them the opportunity to share their stories? And hopefully through that, really help them to grow their ventures - whatever they are.

"Struck by this lightning", we knew it is the time to act. I was very pleased when Lauranie, the founder of the Esprit Chocolat, agreed to be our first guest speaker. 

During the evening she shared with us how she decided to pursue her passion and all the entrepreneurial adventures she experienced since starting her company.

We also had the pleasure to taste the really fine chocolate! Here are a few moments in pictures (sorry for the bad quality, the next time will be better :):

All we need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
— American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz

Ouch :) isn't this tempting? :)

Lauranie sharing with us her story

You guessed it! It's the chocolate :)

You guessed it! It's the chocolate :)

We were happy to see that people enjoyed the event...

Question time...

Our next guest speaker is already scheduled for Wednesday, December 5th. If you’d like to stop by, please sign up for our guest list. You’ll receive the e-vite once all the logistics have been taken care of.

Thank you for coming to our events and for making them something to look forwards to! I hope to see you again in December for another surprise :)

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