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Introducing our new tool My Visual Brief

Introducing our new tool My Visual Brief

Well, hello hello! It has been a while since I posted but there is a reason for that. The last few months have been quite intense at InfinVision. We were on a creative séjour building a new tool – My Visual Brief. It is at its final stages of getting finished and I’d like to give you a heads up about it.

Visual Brief is a web-based tool that facilitates the design conversation between a client and a designer, in a quick and easy manner, enabling the client to translate his/her visual preferences into the language that the designer will instantly understand, leaving no room for misinterpretation of the client’s likes. My Visual Brief aids in the making of design decisions and makes the overall design process more efficient.

The idea for this tool came from having been ‘burnt’ a few times ourselves, when we misunderstood what  clients wanted, look-wise for their projects. For example, in one  brief we received, the client noted that they wanted to create a “modern”, “urban” and “friendly” look and feel. We had a few conversations with the client about this and it all seemed clear. We thought we were on the same ‘page’. So, we went ahead and worked on the design. When we presented the design, the client found it to be in a completely different direction from what they had envisioned. We had to start from scratch and bite our tongue about all this precious time lost 

Such miscommunication (or rather  a lack of deep communication on the client’s visual preferences using the right means) substantially prolongs the design process. The client is not happy and the design agency cannot free up the people to work on other projects in the pipeline. This affects the profitability of the agency and this is never good for the health of a business.

So, we raised a question to ourselves: how can we avoid this in the future?

My Visual Brief is our attempt to answer this question and to solve the problem of miscommunication about visual preferences. We hope that it will help not only us, but also other people to jump start their design projects into the right direction and save lots of time.

We also added a layer of guidance on how to create a good design brief as this can end up being a problemito too. Our interactive questionnaire enables the client to quickly pick their answers to  the questions one needs to consider to cover all the bases:


The end result – the visual brief – is presented in a format which will leave no room for misinterpretation by the designer.

We also wanted to instill an element of ease and fun through the interface, so the overall experience is inviting and pleasant. We all know that answering questions is not the most awaited experience by most of us – so how can it be engaging?

We truly hope that My Visual Brief will evolve into a useful tool for lots of people. Well, at least this is what we’ll be striving for. There is a lot of exciting work ahead of us!

So, we’d like to invite you to visit My Visual Brief and get on our guest list for a test drive.  We’ll be sending out the invites as soon as we are ready.

Thanks so much!

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