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Internet Video and WebTV: Creating Immersive Experiences

Internet Video and WebTV: Creating Immersive Experiences

A few interesting Claudio Vaccarella of HyperTV thoughts on the video platforms of the future…

“First of all I think there are two main categories of video platforms: one contains solutions like youtube, where the user experience is made of video and some user interaction capabilities. The future of those is in TV-like applications, as the lean-back user interaction can be easily achieved by remotes working almost in the same way as the classic remotes.

The second category, by far less populated than the previous, is made of platforms implementing the language of the Web. Those platforms combine videos with images, articles, maps, to give users a true web experience. In the near future those solutions should find their way in what we now call webtv, as they require a different attitude then the lean-back user.

The information-hungry society is facing an overwhelming amount of information sources, the ability to filter and correlate contents the video platforms have is a value growing by the minute.”

And here is a snapshot about the Internet & Web TV by the New York Times:

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