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InfinVision Website Awarded & Appreciated

InfinVision Website Awarded & Appreciated

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who noticed our new website and expressed their appreciation! Here are the ones we've managed to track down. Thank you once again!


The gallery of the most prestigious websites in the world created with CSS. An international jury of the top designers, agencies, and bloggers award prizes to the best CSS websites.


.net magazine is the UK's leading magazine for web designers and developers.Big thanks to Ryan Taylor for noticing us!

Selected among the Best Designs of 2010.



They say: "A fantastically original site with really unique typographical illustrations and a really refreshing layout. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and have a look at the footer for even more design goodness." typekit-logo  unmatchedstyle

They say: "Infinvision.com is clean and content rich. We get quite a few professional web design and development sites and often they are beautiful and somewhat void of actual content other than links to project sites. infinvision.com integrates uses a pleasant almost whimsical voice in its copywriting to tell a story about the growth of the web and the private and professional people who populate it.Their design supports that tone with a judicious use of white space, muted violets and greys, and and organic line work. Though the design feels a little loose in some places, it definitely communicates the character of the people that work at InfinVision and their philosophy about an evolving web and their place within it." ballista

They say: "Today’s feature, InfinVision, differentiates itself from most of the faces and firms we have covered by not focusing on design. Please indulge us in a brief clarification. The majority of our features have been design-centric entities. Typically, these features focus on their proficiency in producing work on their websites, blogs, and social network profiles. InfinVision is different in this regard. The firm claims not to be the business of design, but rather focuses on strategy and management. That being said, InfinVision’s websites are also fantastic examples of digital design."

Included into the collection "A Review of Web Design Trends from 2010."
Included into the collections "40 Examples of Beautiful Typography in Web Design" and "35 Inspiring Headers and Footers."

Included into the collection "20 webdesign tendances pour décembre 2010."

Included into the collection "20 Clean and Minimal Websites You Will Love."

Included into the collection "Useful Website Background Designs, Trends and Resources."elmastudio"

Inspirationen und Tipps für die Gestaltung typografischer Logos.
" Das Logo der Webseite Infin Vision wird durch die Mischung unter­schied­li­cher Schriftarten und Größenverhältnissen inter­es­sant. Durch die dezente Verwendung von Farbe wird ein Highlight gesetzt.


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Miwa Matreyek

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