“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

- Joseph Campbell

For a fulfilling life

For a fulfilling life

There comes a time in most people’s lives when we feel that “enough is enough”! We need a new path, a different format, another spice… Whether we concede to this inner pull, or whether we deny it through thoughtful reasoning to “…wait for a better time…”, is what probably makes us either feel suddenly full of new energy, or stuck in a vicious cycle.

The inner calling for that “something else” does not necessarily mean that we need more things or a completely different life. It can simply mean that a certain part of us has not yet been given a proper space, a proper environment to express itself. If we suppress this calling, it keeps coming back, giving us no peace and tangling us up like a novice surfer trying to surf, but getting tangled with the surfboard’s leash instead… But, if we give that restless part freedom in the right way, then we suddenly become energized and empowered… We feel like we can stand on that surfboard and ride that wave!

I go for the latter! Woohoo!

Although, I’ve been noticing that quite a lot of people become tangled in the vicious cycles they’ve created for themselves through their thoughts or actions; or through chasing the life visions of others. Sooner or later this creates so many internal frustrations, doesn’t it? If we’ve created these situations or thoughts, we probably can “uncreate” them as well. Logical, isn’t it? We just need careful self-examination and to start looking at our lives from a wider perspective in order to gain more clarity – then, we can make the necessary changes to move forward with a brighter light. This is an ongoing process and I know that it is hard to go through on our own, but the end results are so sweet that it truly is worth it!

So why this section?

I am neither a psychologist nor a certified coach, but I’ve always been interested in these deeper aspects of life… what motivates us, how we function, how we interact with each other, why we believe in this or that, how our beliefs are formed and how they can be changed, how we make choices, how we perceive success or happiness, what is a happy and fulfilling life in general. All of this is so subjective, isn’t it? Yet, quite often we end up running after the established “norms” and expectations of others rather than taking the time to look inwards and trusting our “inner guide” to show us our own way…

I’d love to help more people to start trusting that inner guide – our “northern star” for the life that’s meaningful for us. Seeing a person lighting up with new energy and understanding is just like seeing the sun rise in the early morning and slowly lighting up the world before us… What a moment of peaceful joy…

So in this section I will keep things personal, more intimate… less work and more life oriented. I hope you won’t mind  This will also give us an opportunity to learn more about each other, don’t you think?

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to study, live and work in a few different countries (USA, England, Ireland, Lithuania and now France), see some parts of the world and meet diverse people who have shaped up my thinking or inspired me in one way or the other. It is not like I am stopping here (oh no!), but I feel I do have some observations and experiences I could share which perhaps could  “tickle” something inside you, my dear reader, in order to free up that inner guide and reach for the infinite you.

That sweet feeling of peaceful joy and new energy that comes when we do this is priceless… Well, at least this is what I am striving for personally and if you join me on this journey, we’ll be working towards it together.

At the same time, life in general is a never-ending topic – so much to explore – enough of “work” for a lifetime! Exciting!

What is branding?

What is branding?

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