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Content curators and how they weave into the web ecosystem

Content curators and how they weave into the web ecosystem

I found an interesting article The Curation Economy and The 3C’s of Information Commerce by Brian Solis where he expresses his insights on the content curation – another layer of information management online. Here are a few of his ideas which well paint the picture on the content curators, their role and importance in the web ecosystem as well as the emerging web tools being created for them:

Sharing is now serving a form of everyday communication and in many ways a form of social currency. Now, social networks live and breathe based on what we share online. […]

Social objects spark interaction and bring streams to life and it is only getting easier for individuals to package, share and interact with these objects as their networks grow and evolve. […]

In social networks, the people that we are connected to create our social graph. But as we share, we are changing the dynamics for relationships. What was simply a digital reflection of the people we knew is now morphing into connected groups that also include people who share our interests. […]

As we share interesting content, we basically share a bit of ourselves, serving as an expression of what interests us. The new connections we earn as a result change the nature of our social graph. Now, social graphs are transforming into what I refer to as “nicheworks,” groups of networks within the greater networkthat represent various subjects and themes in addition to the friends and family we know. […]

While a social graph is defined by the individual connections one maintains in online networks, these nicheworks essentially create focused interest graphs that represent the network of individuals bound by expressed recurring public themes. […]

The evolution of social graphs into interest graphs sets the stage for a more efficient and connected series of networks that combine context and attention. […]

Information becomes currency and the ability to repackage something of interest as a compelling, consumable and also sharable social object is an art.  As a result, the social capital of a curators is earned through qualifying, filtering, and refining relevant content and how well objects spark engagement and learning. […]

Rather than creating original content, curators discover relevant content and share it within their networks of relevance with added perspective. The stream of an interest graph is rich with context and narrative allowing anyone connected to learn and interact based on the subject matter that captivates them. […]

Curated content also serves as social objects that spark conversations and reactions, while also breathing new life and extending the reach of the original content – wherever it may reside. […]

Curators promote interaction, collaboration, as well as education around the topics that are important to them. As such, services that empower curators will fill the void between creation and consumption. […]

Tools, networks and services that cater to the role of the curator are already gaining traction, with several already leading the way. StorifyCurated.byScoop.itPearltrees, and Paper.li represent an array of leading services amongst curators […].

Typographic Stamps by Jung Min Kim

Typographic Stamps by Jung Min Kim

There's no point to reinvent the wheel...

There's no point to reinvent the wheel...