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6 tips for creating beautiful and effective newsletters

6 tips for creating beautiful and effective newsletters

When it comes to newsletters, most of us, as consumers, have an "oh, no no no" attitude... and that is understandable. We get so many emails from work, friends and of course, spammers... we spend so much time mopping our email box clutter with the delete button. And we invariably keep only the most important or precious ones, don't we?

Most brands, needless to say, would love us to consider their emails important and yet, so few of them take time to create newsletters that surprise and awe us.

However, we found a few in this misty email world, which get to the point of what a newsletter should do. Here are a few of the few:


Here are a few tips for making an effective newsletter:

1. Have a concise and action-oriented subject line.

Newsletters are sent via email and we read the subject lines of the emails first. Make sure that your subject line transmits the core message of your newsletter in an engaging way. Our first goal is to get the person to open up your email – “get that click”. Mailchimp has more information about the best practices in writing email subject lines.

2. Have only one concise message.

Don’t clutter your newsletter with content. Once people open your email, you have very little time to capture their attention. Large images and clear headlines will attract their attention first. If your newsletter is more information-focused rather than product-focused, try to structure your content in a way that is not overwhelming at the first glance. At least the first few paragraphs should be appealing from a visual point of view, since if you have a lot of information people will most likely print your email and then read it.

3. Write content for your audience and not yourself

Write to educate, inform and engage them in a way that is appealing for them. Don’t clutter your newsletter with information about yourself – people are not excited about hearing that (unless you are a celebrity, of course :))

4. Include clear calls to action which stand out visually

Your newsletter should have clear calls to action – read this article, buy a product, make a booking, etc – whatever you’d like your audience to do after they receive your newsletter. Ensure that these calls to action stand out and are clearly visible. Limit your calls to action to a few in order to avoid confusion. When we receive a busy newsletter which makes us feel as if we are in Times Square, we just delete it – it is too confusing to figure out and we don’t bother… Keep it simple, in other words.

5. Make your newsletter compatible with multiple email software & mobile devices

E.g. Gmail, MS Outlook, Mail. People use different tools to read emails – don’t eliminate anyone from your audience. Especially mobile – as so many of us read emails these days while on-the-go.

6. Include sharing features

Include sharing features (facebook share, twitter share and forward to a friend) so that if people like what you are saying, they can help you to spread the word.

Engaging your audience through storytelling

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