Photo by  Linda Viksna

Photo by Linda Viksna

Hi there, Bonjour, Marhaba!

I’m Egle Karalyte. As a branding consultant, experience designer, founder of Taika Ström and My Visual Brief, I help leaders, creative teams, and progressive brands to grow, evolve and express their authenticity.

My experience and expertise is in brand strategy development, authentic identity development, story-driven content marketing, user experience design, and events.

Since 2008, my talented team, Taika Ström, and I have been working with challenging, daring, and inspiring clients such as Adobe, Fotolia, The New School, Rana Salam Studio, Luxeat, and From a Birdie. I enjoy helping businesses evolve and create engaging experiences that pull their audiences their way.


Learning through doing and experimentation has always been my thing, my breath of fresh air. In 2015, I founded My Visual Brief, a web-based tool that helps graphic and web design teams create design briefs online. We received funding from the Startup Chile program to get the project going, and now 5000 designers are using this tool.

Following my interest in wellness, I’ve developed my own product line Graines de Soleil and launched it in Casablanca, Morocco. It was a fun and personal project which set a trend in this white city. Catching the wave at the right time and riding it to my max seems to be my thing too. 

For more on my professional experience, check out LinkedIn.


I enjoy sharing my experience through workshops. So far I've offered them at the Paris Telecom Tech incubator, Google Campus in London, Technopark Casablanca, Startup Chile, Beirut Digital District, and Agrytech Lebanon.


The world is our canvas.
Let's plunge in and unfold!


As you can see, I've been having a lot of fun out there on the canvas of the world's most inspiring and diverse cities: New York City, London, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona, Casablanca, and Beirut.

I feel so fortunate that I lived and collaborated in these cities at different stages of my life. Each city has inspired me in various ways, taking me on a unique ride down its wave of creativity...  

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"If you can dream it, you can do it." 
Walt Disney


There’s nothing more fulfilling for me than seeing a beautiful idea or project taking shape and coming to life. Even sipping fresh coconut water on an isolated beach in Brazil can’t beat it.

I enjoy helping others reach their full potential, uncover authentic ways to express and present themselves, grow and evolve their ventures. This is what makes me tick.


If you're out there on a mission, need help to authentically express or
present yourself to the world, attract your audience, rock some boats along the way or put yourself on the map, here is